Saturday, January 7, 2017

[Tutorial] How to Conduct Indian Trademark Search

Here in this tutorial we will show you how to do trademark search in india. Its fast and simple process.

Check the following image for the tutorial as how to do efficient trademark search.

On Point#1 Enter your Brand name like COKE or PEPSI of what you want to search.

On Point#2 Select the category of product or service you are selling the brands. Example if you selling Rice items them select as Food Items.

On Point#3 Select What type of search you want to do like Phonetic Search or Starts with or Contains.

Generally its good to select contains, it will yeild you good results.

Now click on #4 to submit the search and you will see the results.

Why do trademark search ?

Despite the fact that many people, developing their trademark, almost sure that their logo is unique. In the process of checking a trademark often reveal very similar to each other logos. In order not to get the refusal to register the mark after a long preparation of documents, payment of registration fee and a long wait for a response from Indian trademark office, often 12-16 months, it is necessary to conduct a thorough patent search after selecting a trademark sketch. What is the importance and the need for a search before registering a trademark

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